About Us

Kanon Health is a combination of two worlds.  The first career of the Founder of Kanon Health was a musician with the United States Navy Band.  Closing in on retirement, having a history of working in emergency departments, went to nursing school.  Since graduation, the founder has worked in emergency departments and adult/pediatric intensive care units. 

Kanon, or Canon, is a musical term, similar in thought process to critical care.  There is a recognized code leader (the melody) with varying accompanying parts that come in at varying times (followers).  Think of a code blue.  A leader is recognized, those arriving to the code at varying times are other nurses, a physician (possibly), house supervisor, laboratory, radiology, ICU/ER staff, chaplain, etc, etc.  Each member (healthcare or musician) has their own recognized part within the ensemble with the same goal in mind.  Each working in melodious tandem, collectively and singularly, for the benefit of a positive ending.

Therefore, Kanon Health was established to promote healthcare provider knowledge and its application to positive patient outcomes through collaboration, experience, and education.  This is accomplished by collaborating with various nursing and provider professional associations and/or facilities to coordinate educational events, symposiums, workshops, and webinars to promote provider critical thinking skills.   Kanon Health works with speakers and educators who are specialists in their field to provide these educational events.

Nursing and medical professional associations collaborate with Kanon Health to provide these educational events for their members.  Each educational event has multiple subject matter experts, from that specialty, to ensure that speakers and faculty fulfill the educational requirements established by the intended event and attendee.

The use of exhibitors and sponsors for these events are to ensure high quality education provided by these professional associations.  The nurse/physician planners of each event ensure that there are no conflicts of interest for each exhibitor to ensure continuing education hours are provided.

Non-profits We Support

Kanon Health provides a percentage of our profits to these organizations.