PICC & US IV Certification Program

In-hospital PICC line and Ultrasound Guided IV Certification Program

Kanon Health’s team of instructors travel to your facility for 2-days to provide this education.

Course Information

This is a 12-hour ultrasound guided intravenous skills workshop for nurses and critical care technicians.  The first 4-hours will be a didactic section followed by an eight (8)-hour skills check-off clinical.  Each skills faculty component is limited to 2 participants.  This is a 2:1 student:faculty ratio.  Kanon Health will coordinate your staff in appropriate clinical times.  We recommend this 2-day educational opportunity to be held on Monday and Tuesday. These days are the busiest in the hospital and provides access to the most patients.

Ultrasound Guided IV clinicals will be held in the emergency department.  Whereas, the PICC line clinicals will be held with the in-patient units.


  • 2:1 ratio
  • Introduction to ultrasonography and physics
  • Introduction to knobs & transducers
  • Ultrasound peripheral vascular anatomy
  • Hands-on intravenous cannulation via ultrasonography lab with real patients
  • Competency check list
  • Hospital policy example that can be incorporated into your facility operating procedures.
  • Attendees will need to successfully cannulate 5 patients in order to be certified.  Success in navigating ultrasound equipment will be validated by the instructor.
  • Recommend potential in-facility instructors.

Over a 2-day instructional period our instructors can provide up to 12 nurses certification as Ultrasound Guided IV nurses and up to 4 nurses certified as Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Line nurse.

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Contact Steven J Jewell at steven.jewell@kanonhealth.org or 210-275-2390 to discuss available dates and coordination.

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