2024 Nurses Week


Baseball Celebrates Nurses

Sept. 16, 2023

Kanon Health is pleased to announce a line-up of nurse celebration events in 2023 leading into the Nurses Week Party & Celebration scheduled for May 11, 2024.  Our first event is Baseball Celebrates Nurses.  The San Antonio Missions Baseball team invites nurses and their families to celebrate the nursing profession.  This is free to nurses and their immediate families.  Using the registration form below, include the full names of those attending in the message field. This is purely meant as a head count.  Come enjoy an evening of baseball and recognition for the work you provide bettering the health of our communities.

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Executives Celebrate Nurses

Jan. 27, 2024

Kanon Health is pleased that there are several executives and directors across San Antonio who will be volunteering to wash your car!!  Yes, nurses, you can have your car washed by the hospital leadership.  There will be beverages and tacos!  Bring your dirty vehicle (one per nurse) for a little special attention to celebrate what you do to better our health. There is NO registration required.  Follow our Facebook page @kanonhealth for updates on location and hospital executives participating.

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Nurses Celebrating Children

April 11, 2024

Kanon Health and Marissa Vasek, BSN, RN, CEN is pleased to announce our nurses celebration giving back season.  We ask that you contact local elementary schools and read to the kindergarten class “Little Tree Nut.”  ISBN 9798365535022.  We are not only promoting education, but we are also supporting a fellow nurse with putting her book into the hands of children.

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